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The former Gregory Kotovsky and Sergei Lazo Museum Chisinau , Museutopia project 2008

The Gregory Kotovsky and Sergei Lazo Museum was inaugurated
in 1948. It was situated at the center of Chişinău in a mansion
built in the beginning of the 20th century. Dedicated to the Soviet military leader and Communist activist Gregory Kotovsky, the Museum contained a scale model of Kotovsky’s house in the town of Hancesti. In 1958, another section was added, which was dedicated to the life of Sergei Lazo. The extent to which these figures were monumentalized in Soviet Moldovia is remarkable, considering that both men had very little to do with Moldovan history.
The museum was closed by government decree in 1991 and its
archive was transferred to the patrimony of The National History and Archaeology Museum. Since 1991, the building serves the Ballet Choreography College.

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