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Ilya Rabinovich
Ite Boermast.1
1054 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Mobile:0031-(0)626 530 028

Born in 1965
Kisheniev U.S.S.R

1990-1994 BEZALEL the Academy of Design and Art, department of Photography, holder of Bachelor of Fine Art degree, Jerusalem.
1989-1990 The Wizo College, Haifa.
1987-1988 The Hebrew University, Jerusalem , faculty of natural sciences mathematics and physics. First and second years.

One man exhibitions:
2005 Presentation of 6 enlarged images in the Dapper market, Amsterdam.
'Lelijk is het niet' , video installation, agentur, Amsterdam.
2004 SmartProjectSpace studio's,Old-West municipality, Amsterdam.
2003 'Passing through 1994-2002', Akinci Gallery, Amsterdam.
'Parking places, Berlin 2001', Herzliya Museum, Herzliya, Israel.
2002 Kunstliga, Den Helder.
Akinci Gallery , Amsterdam.
'Parking places Berlin 2001', ESSL Museum Vienna .
2001 Privet View No.2 , Amsterdam.
2000 CROWN Gallery , Brussels.
Photography Department, BEZALEL Academy, Jerusalem.
1999 Fotogalerie,Kulturamt Mannheim.
1996 PEKING gallery , Berlin.
1995 STUDIO IN BORUCHOV gallery , Tel-Aviv.

Group Exhibitions:
2004 'a traveller', Akinci Gallery, Amsterdam.
2003 Stichting VRIZA, Amsterdam.
2002 Raid Projects, Los Angels, California.
'Say hello, wave goodbye', Hohnloe and Kalb Gallery, Vienna.
'Underworld', Omreau Baths Gallery, Belfast.
'REGIONALISTEN ? Deep down the region', Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen.
2001 STORK TERREIN, presentation, Amsterdam.
For Compensation ,Fike deBoorelaan, Amsterdam.
'Einstein on the Beach' Opera, STAATSTBANK Franzoizhe str., Berlin.
'Urban Myth's', The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon.
2000 'Scratching memory' , SMART SPACE, Amsterdam.
'Not to be looked at' ,ART FOCUS, Israeli Museum ,Jerusalem.
'Future Archaeologies' , Pistoletto Foundation,Biella Italy.
'Trouble Spot.Painting' ,Museum Contemporary Art Antwerp.
'Wir Sind Alle nur allein', SMART Project Space Gallery, Amsterdam.
1998 Open studio days RIJKSAKADEMIE VAN BEELDENDE KUNSTEN, Amsterdam.
"BAMOT" ISRAELI Contemporary art in Jewish Museum Wiena.
1997 Camera Obscura gallery, Tel-Aviv.
"Double Exposure The Anglo - Israeli Photographic Awards" Darkroom gallery, Cambridge.
"Double Exposure The Anglo - Israeli Photographic Awards", Diorama Art's Centre London.
1996 "Navigation Maps" Camera Obscura gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1995 Young Artist's Prize, Artist's House Tel-Aviv.
1994 BEZALEL, Jerusalem.

Prizes and Scholarships:
2003-2004 Basis stipend, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Basis subsedie FONDS VOOR BEELDENDE KUNSTEN VORMGEVING EN BOUWKUNST).
1999 Grant by KLM.
The America-Israeli Art foundation.
1996 Double Exposure the Anglo-Israeli Photographic Awards for photographing a project in England.
Prize for the young artist's for 1995-1996 behalf of the ministry of Education and Culture.

2005 Book DAPPERMARKT PAREL VAN AMSREDAM, photo essays by Martin Bril,Hein de
Kort, Karel Appel,Def P, Sjaak Swart,Marga Minco, Ilya Rabinovich.
2004 Farewell to Jan Swammerdam Institute, book publication with photographs from the SmartProjectSpace studio's project. Published by Old-West municipality, Amsredam.
2002 FREE EYE, Dutch quarterly for exceptional photography, Nr 01/2002.Pages 24-31, published works from the project 'Luan Nel Ilya Rabinovich, Kisheniev Johannesburg project 1999' and from Ukraine 2000.
Lounge magazine, November issue, pages 46-49.
Catalogue REGIONALISTEN exhibition, published Artists initiative PARAPLUFABRIEK Curated by Siebren De Haan.
Catalogue for the exhibition in the ESSL Collection Vienna, of the works 'Parking places, Berlin 2001'.
11ha, Book about the STORK Terrain project, intitated by Stichting WerkSpoor.
2001 Studio Israeli Art Magazine, March-April. Cover form 'Works coordinated in advance'The Museums project 1996, House of Ben Gurion. Portfolio of the 'Frozen food'project 1998.
2000'Alpaim'-A Multidisciplinary Publication for Contemporary Thought and Literature, Moshe Ninio.
KLM magazine.
Catalogue 'Not to be looked at', Sarit Shapira, Jerusalem.
1999 Catalogue , Fotogalerie in der Alte Feuerwache, Thomas Schrimbock, Manheim.
1998 Neue Bildende Kunst, Hienz Thiel, June-July, Berlin.
1997 Camera Austria no. 59/60, Rakefet Yedidia.
1996 Studio Israeli Art Magazine, June-July.

Commissioned works :
2005 Service personnel at Dapper Market- 6 enlargements installed in the market
for a period of 3 months.
Documentation for a catalogue of the exhibition Guest+Host= Ghost, curated
Mark Kremer at Kasteel Wijlre.
2002 Utrecht municipality, Culturele zaken afdeling. Documenting sculptures in public spaces ABN AMRO Kunststichting, Amsterdam.
2001 Photograph for sevensenses, creative company of the German SAT 1 channel. Cover of Information brochure about sevensenses.
2000 STORK TERREIN Project. Project initiated by Stichting WerkSpoor, commissioned by Amsterdam Fonds voor Kunst.
World Wide Project Global House, EXPO 2000, Hanover Germany. 'Ram Katzir project 'bubble' at Juliana Children hospital, The Hague.
1999 Diaspora House Museum, Tel Aviv. Photographing a series of Jewish Institutes in Mexico City, part of a project : Jews in Latin America.
1995 "Double Exposure The Anglo - Israeli Photographic Awards", photographing a series of Jewish Institutes, London.

Professional experience:
2003- Works as a freelance photographer, documenting the exhibitions of Annet
Gellink Gallery, Amsterdam.
1999-2003 Works as a freelance photographer for the RIJKSAKADEMIE VAN BEELDENDE KUNSTEN, Amsterdam.
2000 Invited as a guest artist to BEZALEL Academy of Design and Art, Photography Department, Jerusalem.
1998-95 Work as an assistant for several video and cinema productions in Israel.