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different spaces 1996-2006

A book presentation bringing together 24 photographic prints, taken in
various locations in different countries during the last ten years. All the
photographs capture the spaces in urban and suburban environments that the
artist visited variously as a son, as a friend, as a photographer
or as merely a passer-by. Places and non-places intervene in the series,
proving a non-narrative story for our lives in a contemporary society of
mobility and alienation.

Rabinovich is involved with issues revolving around personal identity in
anonymity and social structures. He documents the interiors and exteriors of
such places as museums, parking lots, suburban housings, schools,
institutions, and hotels. Through his observation, these familiar places
reveal another level of reality. The absence of a protagonist in the setting
is enhanced by the sheer beauty of composition and light, which leads us to
a distant memory; be it personal or collective.

Written by ayako yoshimura